How to Have a Spring Wedding

We have the tips for the best blooms, food faves and advice on avoiding those tricky weather situations.

This season is prime time for nuptials, and between the warmer weather and beautiful blooms, it's easy to see why. Here's what you need to know to throw a gorgeous spring fling.

Five Reasons for a Springtime Celebration

Here's five reasons to opt for spring:

Everything's in Bloom
A huge variety of stems are in season and easy to get, including peonies, tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Mother Nature also supplies some of its most beautiful nontraditional decor during spring, like cherry blossoms, dogwood, wheatgrass, herbs and moss.

Greater Flexibility
Daytime parties such as brunch feel more fitting on a sunny spring afternoon than in the dead of winter, offering low-key and budget-friendly reception options. The longer days also make both day and evening events easy to execute.

Warmer (But Not Hot) Weather
Spring's milder temperatures make a midday outdoor wedding comfortable.

More Options for Your Look
Hemlines can be higher, fabrics lighter and dress codes more low-key. But floor-length gowns and other formal styles will still feel just as appropriate.

A Spectrum of Wedding-Worthy Hues
You'll have an array of pretty colors, including shades of pink, red, violet, yellow, blue and white, to choose from. Whether you prefer the standard spring pastels or more vibrant combinations, your colors won't be limited by the time of year.

The Flowers

Sticking to flowers that are in-season will give you fresher, more budget-friendly blooms. Daffodils are affordable yet classic and are available in more than a dozen varieties. Sweet peas, hyacinths and lilacs will create spring arrangements a feminine feel. If understated elegance is more your vibe, look to the royal wedding. For her own spring wedding, Kate Middleton carried a bouquet composed of lilies of the valley (a very popular spring bloom), myrtle, sweet William, hyacinth and ivy.

The Menu

With temperatures rising, a pre-dinner cocktail hour crisp, refreshing cocktails are a great way to keep guests fueled and the party vibes fresh. White-wine sangria garnished with fresh lemons and seasonal fruits is a simple signature drink for a loft party. A Perfect Pear (pear-flavored vodka and St-Germain finished off with strawberries) is an elegant choice that works in a ballroom setting as well as in more casual venues. Mango, watermelon and other flavored martinis are a cocktail hour favorite, and can coordinate with your wedding colors.

For the reception meal, consult with your caterer to design a menu that highlights the season, whether by using in-season veggies like asparagus or serving a quail egg on a demitasse spoon for a chic appetizer that references Easter. pWork with, not against, the season for the best ingredients available and, hence, the best menu you can offer your guests," says celebrity caterer Peter Callahan.

The Cake

Delicate flowers crafted from rice paper make for realistic blooms that are as beautiful as the real thing, but won't wilt in the heat. Jazz up your cake presentation to make the confection a total show stopper-a spread of votive candles is a simple way to call attention, or go all out with a unique backdrop of garlands, a flower wall or fabric draping.

Other sweet ideas? Miniature cheesecaks, a belgian waffle bar, chocolate covered fruits or dark chocolate cupcakes with strawberry garnishes.

Seasonal Setbacks and Solutions

Just like any other season, Mother Nature might have a few tricks up her sleeve. Knowing how to avoid (or deal with) these obstacles will keep your guests comfortable and ensure your day goes off without a hitch.

The Setback: Rain
Play it safe by having a tent or indoor option on hold. If guests will be walking between different venues, rent tented hallways to provide coverage along the way. For spaces with a flat front, order a canopy and have valet parking (and plenty of umbrellas on hand) to guarantee that guests stay dry.

The Setback: Afternoon Heat
If a heat wave hits, hang parasols and fans along the back of chairs for guests to grab, and serve chilled beverages to keep them comfortable and hydrated while they wait for the ceremony to start. Another fun way to keep guests cool: Buy small cold packs, put them in fabric sleeves imprinted with your monogram, and have your ushers hand out the frozen favors (for wrists and the back of necks) with the programs. If your cake will be displayed outside, order one covered in fondant, which holds up better in the heat.

The Setback: Mud
All that rain (or melting snow) combined with warmer temperatures can turn your venue into a muddy mess. Be sure to protect your dress by charging a bridesmaid with holding your train as you walk. If your dress does get muddy, wait until the dirt dries (a blow-dryer can speed up the process) and flick it off. Then use an instant stain remover stick to get rid of any remaining mud. To protect your wedding-day heels (and create a cute photo op), consider wearing wellies and gifting your attendants coordinating rain boots in your wedding colors. If a tent is part of your plan A or B, renting flooring for the entire space can keep the wet spring ground from turning your reception into a mudslide.

The Setback: Chilly Evenings
In most parts of the country, nighttime temperatures in the spring can drop into the 50s (or lower), especially in March and early April. Use your wedding website to advise guests, especially out-of-towners, about proper attire for cooler nights. If you're hosting part of your celebration outdoors or inside a tent, rent portable heaters for when the sun sets. A gracious touch: Set out a basket of pashminas or blankets in your wedding colors.

The Setback: Competition for Venues and Vendors
Start planning early and nail down your reception venue and any must-have vendors as soon as you've set a wedding date. While transportation may not be among your must-have vendors, white limousines and stretch Hummers are in extra-high-demand during prom and formal season, so book rides for you, your attendants and your guests early too. If you book your wedding on a Friday or any other day of the week besides the traditional choice of Saturday, you may be able to open up many more vendor options, and sometimes receive much better rates.

The Setback: Few Free Weekends
One of the drawbacks of marrying during such a popular time is that yours won't be the only nuptials your guests will be attending. No matter how early you send out save-the-dates, the unfortunate fact of picking a wedding date is that someone will likely have a conflict. That said, a little research can go a long way toward making sure most of your guests are able to attend. Check in with close family and friends for dates to avoid so you can find a weekend that's more likely to work for everyone, and send out save-the-dates eight to nine months in advance to give guests a head's up before they plan their schedules.

The Setback: Spring Break
If you're planning on tying the knot in a popular vacation destination, spring breakers can bring fierce competition for rooms and airline tickets, not to mention some unwelcome party crashers during your wedding or honeymoon. Consider booking your event before or after spring break to avoid the throngs. Make sure to block rooms for traveling guests at the same time you book your venue to ensure everyone will have a guaranteed place to stay and nobody will be stuck driving too far. Consider postponing your honeymoon until the college crowds return to class, or at least confirm with the resort that they won't be hosting any wet T-shirt contests or poolside partiers during your romantic getaway before you book.